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Php Function

Language: PHP
OS Platform: ALL
Use: convert a string from HTML to special characters used into Macromedia-Flash textfields/textarea.
Require: Apache/IIS, Php to create the string, Flash textarea to visualize.
Escape Flash
Version 0.1 stable

Now there is not a Php function that could "unescape" a string, because the result of conversion is very hard to re-convert for many % contained. Next I want to develope the "unescape" function becase sometimes it is very hard to modify a text "escaped".

To use this function you must include/require/copy&paste (!!) the function in your php file and call it giving the appropriate argument:
Example (in Php page):

$world_to_escape = "some worlds with 'booo' & % $ £ booo!?é*";

echo escape_flash($world_to_escape);

You can call this function in a page that you made and let process a string to my function witch returns another string flash-style encoded.
This function is a sort of "htmlentities" or "htmlspecialchars".


String with this text:

$world_to_escape = "Open Source for all os? It's possible*: but [see note 4] <comment> (comment) $19,90 € <--EURO!!!"

It will become :

$world_escaped = "Open Source for all os%3F It%27s possible%2A%3A but %5Bsee note 4%5D %3Ccomment%3E %28comment%29 %2419%2C90 %E2%82%AC %3C%2D%2DEURO%21%21%21"

To download this php function:


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