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Language: Actionscript
OS Platform: ALL
Use: convert a string from HTML to special characters used into Macromedia-Flash textfields/textarea.
Require: Flash Player 7; for source: Macromedia Flash MX2004 Professional.

Escape Flash is a simple program to escape text to visualize it correctly in a flash textarea.
You can use this program to convert a string of character or a content of textarea to another string visible without errors in a Macromedia-Flash textarea.
This program can escape/unescape an input string of text that you write in.
You can use it escaping a text and saving it as a variable in a .txt file and loading it (with loadVariables) in a swf movie. It works to prevent charset encoding errors using some charachers as: "" ! ? ' ì ç à é * § ù ò @ ç $ & ( ) =.
If you have Flash Player standalone you caan double-click on " escape flash standalone.swf " and use it, if it doesn't work in this way you can: drag the .swf file in an open browser (ie Explorer, Opera, Mozilla etc), or double-click on .html file and use it! :-)

The standalone program (will open a popup):

Escape Flash SWF Standalone

To download this program and its source:

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